Month: July 2019

Ways to Improve Emotional Intelligence

One of the strongest indicators of business success is emotional intelligence.  Emotional intelligence the ability to recognize and handle your own emotions, it is also the ability to detect people’s emotions. In Johnson & Johnson ‘s study, they found out that those with higher emotional intelligence were often the highest performers in the workplace.  Therefore, emotional intelligence is …

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Ways to Improve English

There are several motives why people around the world may need to improve their English, maybe is for business, pleasure, or because they need to live in an English-speaking country. Furthermore, English is also the primary language used by many Malaysian companies, so your job may well rely on how competent you are in English. According to …

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Risk Management Strategies and Processes

Strategic risk management in enterprise risk management (ERM) is a crucial but often overlooked aspect. Although ERM has traditionally focused on financial and, more recently, operational risk, strategic risk is significantly more considerable. Studies by major public companies show that strategic risks represent approximately 60% of major market capitalisation declines. Only half (approximately 30 percent) …

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Quality Management

What is Quality Management? Quality management is the act of overseeing various activities and tasks within the organization to ensure consistent delivery of the products and services, as well as the means to achieve them. It helps the organization to achieve and maintain the desired quality level. There are four key components included in quality …

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Emotional Intelligence(EQ)

A simple definition of emotional intelligence is used to monitor your own emotions and other people’s emotions, distinguish different emotions and correctly label them, and use emotional information to direct your thinking, your actions and your influence on the behaviour of others. There are five key elements of emotional intelligence, says Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist, which …

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