Why is stress management so important?

Stress management is important as it has powerful impacts on multiple aspects of your life. You have nothing to do about stress as it is a very normal part of life. What you can do is: to control what you might think. Stress management is all about taking charge of your own feelings, thoughts, lifestyle, and how you cope with the problems.

If you can manage your stress effectively, you can:

1.Have a good health condition

Long term reactions to stress may lead to a lot of health diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders, etc. It was found that stress weakens the immune system and most cases happen when people feel lonely and do not have support from their loved ones. When people experience prolonged stress, their ability to fight off infection will be lowered. Good stress management enables you to live happily which immune you from diseases. People who manage stress well have a lower possibility to experience symptoms of headaches, neck, shoulder and backache, poor sleep quality, anxiety, a bad mood, and changed appetite.

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2. Build good relationship with others

People who experience stress will feel irritated, isolated, and frustrated. They avoid friends and people around them to speak with them. When feeling stress, people will tend to exaggerate the normal ups and downs in a relationship when there were nothing happens. When facing problems, they tend to blame others and this damage relationship with others.

People who manage stress effectively will think positively and build a positive relationship with others. They trust and communicate effectively with others. When they face challenges in a relationship, they will think solutions and believe that patience and trust are important in a relationship.

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3. Have high job performance

Stress can reduce your capability to perform and function well. It affects how you deal with colleagues and people in your workplace. The symptoms of prolonged stress will disturb your attention and concentration when working and thus, you will feel exhausted and tired of doing the tasks effectively.

Manage stress effectively is highly important to determine whether you are a high performer. Usually, people face stress when they feel pressured with the project deadline. Thus, good time management will prevent you from experiencing stress due to deadlines. You should adopt a positive mindset when facing challenges because optimum stress may propel you towards a higher status in the workplace. Adopting a positive perspective might reduce your stress levels.

4. Better control over your emotions and how you respond to it

When you notice you will get frustrated, you should stop yourself and change a new perspective to deal with the problems. Good stress management will help you to control your emotions and motivate you to find solutions. Workplace conflicts will be reduced if you realize about your negative emotions and control them wisely.

Identify stressors and learn how to manage it is the best method to deal with the mood swing problem. Don’t afraid to admit that you feel stressed as it is not a sign of weakness. Be honest to yourself and give a break when you feel overloaded.

5. More confident of yourself

When you are able to manage stress, you will feel more confident towards yourself as you have a positive attitude towards facing challenges and you will not quit halfway. You will be able to build confidence towards yourself when you find a solution to the problems and conquer it. It is not easy to face the problems bravely as people always choose an easier way-give up. Even you failed at last, good stress management helps you to encourage yourself as you already tried your best. Don’t afraid about failure as the best rewards you gained is the process to find a solution.

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Lastly, the reactions towards the environment, event and people are the keys that determine its impact and it’s always possible to control the stress levels we faced. Think positively and change a mindset when you notice the stress level is high. Understand yourself well and know when do you overstress as it can help you to react as soon as possible.  

“It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.”

Hans Selye

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