How to Start Your First Step

How to Start Your First Step in Sales? Steps to Sell a Product.

How to Start Your First Step

Have no experience in sales? No worries. Below are the steps for you to start your sales. Go through those steps and you will find out how.

1. Find Customers

  • Do research on your potential customer base.
  • Identify your tactics in your sales and marketing plans to find new customers.
  • Gather information about your customers’ needs

2. Plan your Approach

  • Check your information on your customers and their needs.
  • Consider which products meet your requirements
  • Plan for credibility communication
  • Keep your goal clear. Do you make contact to provide information, arrange time for your business card to be met or given over?

3. Make Initial Contact

  • Get your prospective client closer to them in such a way that they are comfortable and trust you. Use courteous, friendly body, facial and mood language
  • To establish their interest, use an anecdote or relevant fact. For example, describe a new customer who has received the advantages they want.
  • Don’t take as long as you need. Come quickly to the point
  • Look at or say something to your customers about things that related to your products

4. Identify Specific Customer Needs

  • Each time you have contact with them, determine the needs of individual customers. An ordinary customer might want to try something new.
  • Ask questions that are relevant to your customer’s needs and your products. For example: “Do you find it hard to clean your clothes?”

5. Select the Appropriate Product or Service

  • Decide your product range and choose the product or service that best meets the needs you’ve identified.
  • Choose one option to focus on it.

6. Make the Sales Presentation

  • Focus on your product benefits and advantage, then follow by features
  • Be passionate and confidence
  • Explain the differences between your product and others
  • Gives an example of your product success

7. Handle Objection

  • Prepare what customer will say. Have the response practice every day.
  • Take serious of your customer comment and provide a solution for them next time.

8. Close the Sales

  • Observe the signals that indicate the clients is ready to make a purchase
  • Remain silence – Provide your customer to say yes to fill up the silence
  • Provide an offer to your customer in their next purchase

9. Follow Up

  • Offer an after-sales service, get to know their feeling after using the product
  • Look for a new opportunity to introduce your new product to your customers
  • Build a long term and good relationship with your customers

10. Review the Sales

  • Gather your information about your product
  • Have some research about your customers. Gather your customer feedback to know your customer satisfaction
  • Look for the issue of your product, upgrade your product based on the feedback from your customer
  • Plan your sales based on your progression
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