Ways to Improve Work Performance

If you are finding ways to improve your work performance, here is the right place for you!

With high work performance, you can:

  • Be more productive
  • Higher income
  • Increase chances in your working life
  • Be more respected by peers and boss

The higher your work performance, you can move faster and better in your career.

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Knowing and set your milestones

Having milestones can help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Professional goals can be what your department wants to achieve in this organization? It may not be related to your own self only, but in a general one, as for everyone in your company.  What is your company’s goal? Is your department and colleagues are moving towards the goal together? You need to find out what is the goal and go all out to achieve it. 

Set individual goals as you are moving on. It may give you energy and makes you boost up when you are not motivated to move on.  You can keep track of your progress and make yourself to enjoy the success when you achieve one of the small parts of the milestones.

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Delegate, Delay, Diminish and Eliminate


Is there somebody that you can delegate the tasks that are not important to you? ⠀You need to know that what is not important to you might be very important to another person

Find alternatives to delegate tasks that need to be done but are not your part of the job or what you’ve been hired to do.

You might even need to give out some tasks, based on your position, so you can concentrate on what is most important to you now.


You may have to do some tasks, but not immediataly. You could postpone some of your tasks to place more emphasis on what is currently most important and must be done urgently.


You may have to do some tasks, but it’s not that important at this moment. ee if these tasks can be diminished by reducing the time takes to make the tasks to be done. For example, ask yourself some questions to diminish tasks:

Can you use a template?

Can you copy a similar document?

Is there someone who can help you in a certain area?

These similar questions are to help you decrease the time consumed for finishing a task.


Truth is, it’s possible to eliminate some of the tasks we do. They’re not worth it. They may seem important because it comes in an email and/or is “urgent,” but it doesn’t really matter.

Find out duties on your list that you can eliminate one way or another without any impacts.

Ask yourself when you are doing eliminating for your list, consider if it is a must for you to be done?

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Avoid Multitasking

Productivity will decrease when you multitask. You will be less efficient and more time consuming when you do a few tasks at one time. Some people claim that they are experts in multitasking as they think that it will be more effective in finishing the task. However, the reality is the opposite of what people usually think.

Therefore, to be more productive, you need to focus on only one task, ignore distractions and get it done as soon as possible. As if you switch between task, you would need to figure out where did you leave out and get back to the task. It is actually very time-consuming.

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Stay focused and avoid distraction

Set a time limit for yourself for sitting with the task and finish it within the time limit. You need to make sure that the time is uninterrupted, so you can reach your target at the end, which you can finish your task on time. 

However, you need to make sure that others know that this is your uninterrupted time and they should not come and disturb you. Try to get away from distraction as much as possible.

Don’t ever lose track of your journey to your goals. Remember what is urgent every time you feel like to waste some time checking out your Facebook news feed or watching some interesting YouTube videos.

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Fix your bottleneck

In some areas, we might be weak, and it tends to slow us down. We will multiply our productivity by resolving that one area.

Again, it’s a bottleneck if you can’t type but you have to write something. This is a bottleneck for you if you need to use spreadsheets but don’t know how to use them or use them well. If your lack of knowledge in one of the areas for which you are responsible can slow you down in finishing the task. Strengthen these areas and boost your productivity at work and performance. When you solve one of the bottlenecks, go to the next bottleneck then.

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Take a short break when you need one

People will always have some limitations, admit when you reach your limits is not a weakness or something embarrassing. You don’t have to be at your maximum productivity every single time, but if you feel you’ve reached your limit, stop.

The levels of stress and burnout are rising at greater rates. It won’t make you good to keep pushing after your limit has been reached. Your level of productivity will suffer as you will not be able to achieve your goals if your condition is not good enough. For underperformance, you’re going to get even more stressed and so on. This is a cycle in which you will not want to be trapped.

It makes total sense as your productivity will increase if you have more energy and so well your work performance will boost.

Ensure you have enough rest to do that. You will suffer from your performance, if you are always tired, relying on coffee and dragging around. Eating well and have regular exercise also leads to improved health and greater energy.

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