Ways to Improve English

There are several motives why people around the world may need to improve their English, maybe is for business, pleasure, or because they need to live in an English-speaking country.

Furthermore, English is also the primary language used by many Malaysian companies, so your job may well rely on how competent you are in English. According to a JobStreet survey, having good fluent English speaking is one of the top key factors when it reached to employment.

For learning a language, we need to acquire with the four language skills to develop for complete communication, which is listening, speaking, reading and writing.


In learning any language, listening plays a very crucial part. Effective listening helps to ensure understanding and helps to improve accuracy when speaking. There are a few tips to improve listening skills. By using the active listening technique, which is paying attention not only to what has been said but also to how it has been said will help you with improving your listening skills in English.

  • Surround yourself with English

Put yourself in an English-speaking environment so that you can learn passively through listening. Make new friends who speak mostly in English.

  • Listen to English radio stations

Some of Malaysia’s most popular English radio stations are FlyFM, Hitz. FM and RedFM. You can train your listening skills by tuning into these English radio stations and learn how to build English sentences. Most DJ are also fun to listen to, so at the same time, you can learn more!

  • Listen to the music

Choose the type of music that you prefer but pay attention to the lyrics. Learning the lyrics can sometimes help you understand the song. This can also improve your vocabulary.


  • Speak more in English

Don’t be shy to converse in English.  Practice makes perfect! Therefore, practice more for a fluent speaking English. Have more friends who speak mostly in English, they can help you to improve your speaking skills.

  • Record yourself talking

Take a video or voice recording of yourself. Listen back to your recording and find out the areas that can be improve.  This is a way for you to have a chance for pronunciation improvement.  Find out which word you pronounce wrongly and correct it. 

  • Sing along English Songs

Follow your favourite songs in English and sing along! They contain useful vocabulary and lots of everyday phrases and words, so you’ will not be stuck in learning words using the traditional and boring way, such as reading and remembering again and again. Due to the catchy tune that comes with it, phrases learned via songs tend to be easier to memorize too.


It is a brain process and it takes time to build. Your brain must assign meaning to symbol-represented words, phrases and expressions, as well as understand the grammar and structure of the language used in the paragraph to be read. It will be very handy for you in future if you develop strong reading skills.

  • Read Children’s books and magazines

They are appealing, they generally have many short articles or simple storylines, and many topics such as science, literature, self-improvement come along together and make the book interesting. Most important point of the children’s book and magazine, they’re well illustrated. The pictures will enable you to understand a lot of words without using a dictionary. You will move faster in learning English and enjoy it more!

  • Read Newspapers

You can learn more vocabulary and phrases when you read newspaper frequently. Newspaper will have lots of information and news that will bring you knowledge in different areas. You will know more current affairs when you read newspaper.

  • Change your phone or PC operating system language into English

Long term contact with a language will make you familiar with it. Associate function with a particular word will help you to improve your vocabulary. 


  • Start your own blog

Start writing by your own! Express your thoughts and opinion with your own words. This will not only improve your English, this can also make your mind more structured in organizing data and information, which when you want to start writing, you need to think about how you should put all the information together.

  • Learn New Words

You can learn the meanings of one or two words per day. Know the meaning of those words and also learn the synonym and antonym to increase your vocabulary. Knowing and practicing new words will make your writing more interesting.

  • Improve your grammar

Grammar is very essential because it enhances your quality of writing. Always use suitable tense and bear in mind to use appropriate punctuation. Punctuation is a useful way to clarify and make your writing fluent.

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