How to Achieve a Happy and Healthy Mind?

Life is full of complexities and failures. Many people choose to dwell on them and let the negativity affects their emotions. But, you can choose a happier life by focusing on happy and fruitful results.

It was found that optimistic people are healthier and live longer than pessimists. Happy and healthy minded people tend to have higher survival from disease and pain tolerance than pessimists. It is important that how you internalizing what influences you. This article is designed to provide you some tips to achieve a happy and healthy mind.

“There is no health without mental health; mental health is too important to be left to the professionals alone, and mental health is everyone’s business.”

Vikram Patel

Here you go!

1. Meditation

Meditation can help you to relax and it gives your mind clear of negativity. When you start to meditate, you will find out that it is helpful to reduce stress and control anxiety.

“Mindfulness meditation” can help you to keep away from cloudy and negative minds. In the long run, meditation contributes to a peaceful mind that frees you from anxiety, depression, and stress. The research found that people who practice habitual meditation before going to bed or in the early morning will have a better sleep.

A good practice of meditation may help you to build the ability to lengthen attention span that avoids you from worrying and mind-wandering.

2. Healthy networks

Having a network of people that support you along the way is one of the keys to achieve positive mindset all the time. They will be with you and spread positivity to you whenever you face difficulties.

When time passes, you will notice that some friends will be distant and there is no more common between you and them. At that time, don’t afraid to let go and you will find a better network of friends that can grow with you. You will never know the next person who comes in your life and spread positivity to you. They might be the next awesome friend/lover/teacher/employer! Make more friends that are on the same frequencies with you as they are the one that can lift you up when you are facing downtime.

4. Find your inner bliss

Spend time finding what activities that will bring you joy. Joy is vital to our mental health. Always reflect on what makes you happy and motivates you. It may be your hobby or something that you interested in. Doing what will propel you will motivate you into a better person that lead to a meaningful life. Most of the people immerse themselves into hectic life and they get lost in finding the purpose of life. They forgot about the need to explore joyful experiences in their life. Take a step to slow down and think again, boost yourself with joy and continue your journey.

5. Learn to manage stress effectively

Stress is a normal part of our lives, but it makes us burnt out when it is excess. It is important to learn how to identify your stress and release stress when necessary. People release stress with different strategies. They may read, listen to music, exercise, watching movie or sleeping. Find your own way to release stress and let it go sometimes. Life is full of challenges and failures, you need to learn how to accept it and go on.

6. Stay motivated

Stay motivated all the time is hard. But keep a “don’t give up” attitude. Always remind yourself of why you start when you are about to give up. Don’t quit easily as you may miss success accidentally. Trust in yourself and remember that your capabilities may help you to achieve your goal. Good things need time and it needs high persistence, mental training, and energy. 

7. Talk about your feelings

When you feel troubled and down, don’t feel shy to voice out to your trusted ones. They may help you to stay in a positive mind and encourage you. Talking about your feelings isn’t a sign of weakness. If you open to a person, they will do the same thing back to you. Being listened is a sign of support and many people will feel more comfortable after saying out their feelings. Talking your problems with somebody may generate a solution to your problems and it can help you to maintain a good state of mental health.

8. Get enough sleep

Sleep deficiency has been linked to poor mental health (e.g. depression, suicide, and risk-taking behavior). People who get insufficient sleep may feel angry and impulsive, sad or depressed, and lack of motivation. When you are sleep deficient, your attention span may be shortened, and it affects your productivity and performance. In the long term, your mental health will be less immune and negativity will attack you easily. Get enough sleep as it may help you to have the energy to prepare for every challenge.  

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